Hill Station

1) What does this site do?

A) This site takes your input on recommendation of your travel destinations, hotels, restaurants and attractions and shows them to your friends. This will enable them to plan their  happy vacation


2) How does the site know who are my friends?

A) From your facebook friend list


3) Can people who are not friends know about my travel and recommendations?

A) No, they can only see that there is a recommendation and not the name of the person who has recommended them


4) Can people who are my friends know about my travel and recommendations?

A) Yes, the purpose of the site is to help your friends plan their vacation with this information?


5) How can I provide my recommendations about a holiday that I had recently?

A) You can create your account easily using your facebook account and start contributing (http://www.ahappyvacation.com/contribute/) your vacation experiences. Your recommendations will help your friend take "a happy vacation".


6) Can I provide a recommendation without creating an account?

A) In order to ensure that we have genuine recommendations, we require you to login using your facebook account.


7) Can I view recommendations of a location without logging in?

A) Yes, but you will not be able to see who gave that recommendation. We strongly suggest you login to the site using your facebook credentials?


8) How safe is my information?

A) Only your friends (authorized by you on facebook) will know the name of the person who provided the information. People who are not your friends will not be able to see who provided the information.


9) Do you plan to enable google, twitter and other logins?

A) Yes - in due course


10) If I have a suggestion for your site where can I send that to?

A) Please send all your comments, suggestions to connect@ahappyvacation.com. We will be happy to receive them


11) Why should I provide my recommendations?

A) Firstly, its very easy to provide your recommendations. Secondly, this will help your friends when they plan their vacation. In addition, very soon, we will give you points for providing recommendations. With these points, you will be get discounts on hotel stays and activities.